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We are an image community dedicated to Power Rangers. Sorry Chuck Norris fans.
Morph A Day is a Power Rangers image community for any and all who want a daily dose of PR actors and actresses (cause who wouldn't!). Images of Rangers, villains, secondary characters, mentors and civilians are all welcome (although pictures of Alpha 5 or RIC will get you some funny looks...we'll still take 'em tho).

Community Rules:

1) This is an image community, meaning that all posts MUST have an image in it, and at least one of the pictures in each post MUST be a picture of an actual character or actor from the show. We welcome any or all PR discussion, but this community exists first and foremost for the sharing of images. There are other communities dedicated to spoilers, fanfic or song vids. This ain't one of them. Shallow? Us? YES.

2) No hotlinking. Stealing other people's bandwidth is bad, yo.

3) All pictures must be put under a LJ-Cut. No exceptions.

4) Images of PR actors or actresses from other roles are welcome; however if the image is from a more adult movie/tv show/photo shoot we ask that you please warn first in the lj-cut.

5) Following on rule 4... warn for all pictures that are not work safe or are of an adult nature in the lj cut.

6) Off topic posts that do not contain an image will not be tolerated. That means no promoting your fanfics, fanart, icons, communities or RPGs... unless you attach an image. Putting many images and then your advert will please the mods. Otherwise they will bring out the ban hammer on you. Oh yes, they will.

7) Please please please tag your entries. Members are allowed to create new tags, but only do so if your tag isn't already there. Format is character name (first only, please spell out Kat vs. Katherine for our one duplicate name), and actor's first and last name and their season.

Examples: (image of Bridge) tag: Bridge, Matt Austin, Space Patrol Delta. (image of James Napier) Tag: Conner, James Napier, Dino Thunder.

This makes it easier for new members to find images.

8) Spoilers for new episodes MUST be put under an lj cut and must have a spoiler warning somewhere big and prominent for the first two weeks after the episode has been "out". This is so that everyone can enjoy the new seasons at their own pace.

To affiliate with our community, leave a message in the community's First Post or contact any of the mods.

Community Tags

Questions? Comment on the intro post of the community and someone will get back to you (we promise).

Maintained by kikos_ai and itsbuttery.


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