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I watched the RPM finale and decided a picspam was in order.

Obviously, there be SPOILERS ahead! This is also very image heavy!

(I started adding commentary on the images and it somehow snowballed into a commentary on the episodes. Please feel free to skim for the pictures! :D)

Summer notices that Dillon doesn't look too good.

Poor Dillon. D: For some reason, he doesn't go all mind-controlly at the same time as all the other hybrids.

This was actually a good set of episodes for Scott. Our fearless leader, FTW!

Dr. K!

Run Ziggy, run to Dr. K! I kinda like how he took off to protect her. Ziggy's one of those characters whose actions often speak louder than his words.

I still have no idea why Ziggy's logo was on the antidote screen.

Uh oh.

The "meet your maker" scene

Dr. K is fierce! "Even the most flawed human is better than the most perfect machine."

Poor Dr. K and Ziggy! He tries to save her and Venjix sends him flying across the room. Then Dr. K frees herself to run to his side. The last few episodes have been doing everything they can to pair these two up. I'm definitely not complaining. I started to ship these two when the first RPM trailer was released. X3;;;;


Dillon! D:

Why Venjix didn't finish him off, IDK. And honestly, I was a little disappointed that the Dillon-is-turning-into-a-machine subplot was resolved so quickly and easily.

Gemma! ;____;

Gem and Gemma! ;_____________; This scene was beautiful in its own way.


And I liked that Flynn flipped out at Dillon. Oh, Flynn. I'm sorry you got so little character building (and lines!) in this series.

Hi, I'm Ziggy and my experience with slipping out of handcuffs is coming in handy.


These two are adorable~

Tenaya ♥

Someone needs to calculate how much of this episode Ziggy and Dr. K spend in direct contact with each other.

Great aim, guys.

I also like how Ziggy is the one hiding behind her. X3;; (When she gave him a piggyback a few episodes back? Also awesome!)

Dillon! D:

Tenaya! D:

When she was hit with the antidote, the lines on her face disappeared, and I wasn't sure what that meant. I'm guessing it means that Venjix's control over his mind has been lifted. At first I thought that maybe she became fully human, but I doubt that a vile of green liquid could replace all her cyborg parts. Plus, her cyborg identity is utilized later in the episode proving that she's still very much a hybrid.

Brother and sister together at last... but poor Dillon has blue-screened. It's Venjix's fault for installing Vista. =P

I feel the need to mention that I really, really like Tenaya.

Don't worry. Dr. K will save him with headphones! XD

"I had forgotten how it felt to be human. But when I look at him, I remember."

I wish they showed Dr. K mourning over Gem and Gemma, but the episode was too focused on Dillon and Tenaya at this point. Or maybe Dr. K wasn't mourning because she realized there was a way to get them back, or maybe she was focused on other priorities, like saving the city. Hmmm... someone should write a fic to fill in this blank/fix this plot hole. Hint hint. ;3

Summer convinces Tenaya to help. Then Flynn jumps in. "If you want to help [Dillon], then you've got to help us!" Oh, Flynn, I wish you had gotten more screen time. I apologize for ironically not taking a cap of you in this scene.

Go, Tenaya, go! You know, it would be awesome if someone wrote a fic about Tenaya adjusting to being human after Venjix is no longer a threat. The rangers would help her out and maybe Dr. K would give her new hardware/software or something.

Uh, sorry for all the fic prompts. My reaction to plot holes in Power Rangers is usually, "With enough creativity, this can be fixed!" and that attitude is very obviously bleeding into my commentary for this episode. :3;;;

The core rangers take on Venjix without morphing.

You can see the hole from Eka's piercing really easily in this cap.

(Dillon and Tenaya had an antidote against the Venjix virus, but what about the rest of the hybrids in the city? Did the rest of the hybrids shut down and resume normal lives when Venjix was destroyed or did they all need antidotes too?)

For awhile there I was worried that they'd make Tenaya need to be rescued. And then they had her kick some serious butt! I was so happy!

I like it when the rangers are running around without their helmets. It's pretty cool, even if, in this case, it doesn't quite make sense that their helmets just disappeared instead of a full demorph.

And then, for some reason, shooting the command tower when Dillon and Tenaya were still inside it was seen as the perfect way to crush Venjix.

Sometimes, especially with the way a lot of their zord battles go, I suspect that the rangers might cause more damage to the city as the villains. And this finale did the thing where villains that were so difficult to defeat throughout the series were easily blown up. And let's not talk about a computer virus that's supposedly powerful enough to destroy the world limiting itself to a single body without having backups elsewhere. Oh, Power Rangers. You wouldn't be the same without your plot holes. ILU!

Gem and Gemma! And they returned holding hands! They're too cute! ♥

Hugs! ♥ My favorite part of the finale was the hugging! Seriously. If there's anything that every single character in this series needed more of, it was hugs.

I will admit to being greatly entertained by the Scott/Gem hug since they were sorta paired together earlier in the series.

Also see Flynn's "What about me?" expression. XD

It's a bird! It's a plane!

No! It's Dillon and Tenaya skydiving, of course!


There has to be some time delay between the end of Venjix and the scenes that follow. I'd love to see fic filling this gap too!

Scott! I wish you had reason to smile more! ♥

More hugging! This could've used a bit more character building since Scott's dad doesn't seem like the suddenly hugging type, but still... hugging!

Was Dr. K talking about the implants Venjix gave her? Or new ones?

Dillon and Summer ♥

Dillon and Tenaya!

Tenaya! ♥

Scott drumming on the car!

Gem and Gemma are so happy! "We get to blow things up!" "And get paid for it!" X3

I have to admit that it bothers me that so many Power Rangers series do the we're-sealing-away-your-powers/taking-away-your-morphers thing and insist on the we're-splitting-up-the-team-but-we'll-keep-in-contact thing. D:

I suppose it's a way to give a series a more definitive ending, since if evil is truly defeated, the rangers shouldn't be needed. But from a plot perspective, why can't the RPM rangers keep their morphers? Do they insist on sealing away their morphers to keep them safe or something? Aren't the RPM morphers bonded to the rangers' DNA making sealing them away for protection useless? (Hey, an explanation for this would make a good fill-in-the-blank fic too!)

I guess I just wish they could all stay together. I mean, the series proved that they worked well together. Why break them apart at the end?

I totally wibbled when Ziggy whispered "get in gear" as he returned his morpher.

Dr. K is so proud of them!

Dr. K finally calls Ziggy by his first name. Summer is amused! (This series still fails the Bechdel Test.)

They're opening a school. XD
"She's going to teach all the kids about the biofield physics. You know, the fun stuff."
"He's going to teach them shadow puppets and cooking. You know, the tough stuff."

All of them together! ♥

They all separate too easily. D: But there's hugging! Precious, precious hugging!

Ziggy offers Dillon a hand to shake and then both of them ignore it in favor of a hug. Ziggy and Dillon are BFFs forever. ♥

Dillon and Tenaya!

Gem2 wave goodbye.

Why are they so adorable? ♥

Summer, Dillon and Tenaya go off in search of a world waiting to be rebuilt.

Dillon started off this series alone. At the end, he is anything but.

We know that Tenaya, Summer and Dillon will be back to Corinth since a) they are not jerks, b) it seems as if Tenaya's eyes will need replacing at some point, and c) they will need more gas for Dillon's car. XD

At the end, there is a rebirth in the wastelands. They don't really explain this, but my guess is that it probably has to do with the biofield reestablishing itself after the destruction of Venjix.

This is one series that really needs an epilogue. What are Summer, Dillon and Tenaya going to do? Where are they going to live and how are they going to survive? What do they find (new landscapes, people, Venjix's old machinery, etc.) outside of Corinth and how do they begin building a new world? How's Flynn's shop going to work out with him and his dad building new computer networks for the city? (Maybe Gemma will help out there. :3;;) How will Gem and Gemma fit in with the military? How will Scott's experiences as a ranger change his view of the military and his relationship with his father? What's Ziggy and Dr. K's school going to look like? How will it operate? How will the relationship between them deepen and grow?

I guess it's because of questions like these that I have trouble excepting the series is over. I feel like there's still so much of the story left to tell. (Write fic~ Write fic~ Write fic~)

Anyway, what did you guys think of the finale? What was your favorite part? :D?

Mods: Could we possibly have tags for Dr. K, Gem, Gemma, Olivia Tennet, Mike Ginn, and Li Ming Hu? :3?


( 13 comments — Leave a comment )
Jan. 2nd, 2010 06:58 am (UTC)
My favorite part was when Flynn flipped his lid after Gem and Gemma "died". And the hug ;O; I can't believe they kept that in...
Jan. 2nd, 2010 08:05 am (UTC)
That last pic with the flower reminded me of inspiration I had for fic a few days ago with D&T&S stumbling on a half-wrecked city populated by adult Rangers and families.

Also, it seemed so completely random that Gem and Gemma attacked the control tower thingy. Let's just cut loose the thing that has two teammates in it and hope that Venjix doesn't see the great ruddy thing falling for a good thirty seconds.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:34 am (UTC)
That last pic with the flower reminded me of inspiration I had for fic a few days ago with D&T&S stumbling on a half-wrecked city populated by adult Rangers and families.


...kinda. In my mind it was a mountain cave/community Billy set up after the military failed to take his warning about Venjix seriously until it was too late.

Clearly, someone needs to write this.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:36 am (UTC)
I had Adam talking to them and when the discussion breaks down (as it must) they turn and find Kim and half a dozen others pointing bow and arrows at their heads.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:39 am (UTC)
And they of course go on the defensive and, sadly, get their butts kicked cause the originals are the originals. And when the fights over, Kim and Adam finally connect colors/jackets (Cause D & S were still in their ranger jackets in that last scene).
Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:55 am (UTC)
And/or Tenaya says something snarky. Though I can't remember if she retained the snark in the last episodes after being debugged/cured.

"If you can't beat four people with bows and arrows, I don't know how you managed to keep Corinth from me and all those robots. Even with the bright suits."
Jan. 2nd, 2010 12:11 pm (UTC)
And the others tense up but Kim stares at her a moment before declaring they HAVE to introduce Tenaya to Tommy. Adam agrees which sets off Dillon and his protective instincts.
Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:36 am (UTC)
I LOVE this picspam---I adored a lot of the finale (some things bugged me but they were minor) and so many of my favorite parts were shown here.

I'm surprised you didn't include the very last scene but from your commentary, I don't think you caught it.

Venjix is still alive--he's in Scott's morpher. :D
Jan. 2nd, 2010 09:11 pm (UTC)
Venjix is still alive--he's in Scott's morpher. :D
Is that what was going on there?

Huh. I caught the last scene and it felt like a cliff-hanger. Honestly, I thought I was interpreting the scene incorrectly and decided to ignore it. Whoops!

I guess I prefer the happy ending. XD

Man, now this series really needs an epilogue!
Jan. 2nd, 2010 03:42 pm (UTC)
At first I didn't see the Tenaya/K hug but thanks for including it since I adore their friendship (well at least the friendship I would know they would have had had they had more screentime together). The ending was an insult to many characters and WTF to science but oh well didn't expect it to be grand since Judd Lynn destroyed the cannon that was set ^_^
Jan. 2nd, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
Also see Flynn's "What about me?" expression. XD

Jan. 4th, 2010 02:56 am (UTC)
Tags added, so sorry for the delay. ^_^

Lovely post! &hearts
Feb. 2nd, 2010 10:13 am (UTC)
Is it too late for me to comment about how much I love this? Nah! I didn't even realise there were so many hugs going around the first time.

If you don't mind me asking, where do you get you screencaps? I've been thinking of doing a Dr K picspam for halfmoon..or, y'know, because I can and K is awesome.
( 13 comments — Leave a comment )


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