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Richard and Adam in Underbelly: Razor

Found and capped them. I had it on mute but it appears that Richard (Xander, MF) is still a HUGE flirt and Adam (Hunter, NS) is a killer? No idea but he ain't a good guy. Which we could partly see in the previews. Enjoy!

Caps ahoy!Collapse )

David Yost stars in Degenerate (2010)

as Marcus, a /punk/.


He still looks spankable very cute in this, even though he's playing a bad character...he's got the really cute soft voice still.


David Yost dressed up as a punk, then and now:

picturesCollapse )

He's back! :)

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Nakia Post

The other night...last night to be exact, I was watching Melissa and Joey and I just happened to spot our lovely former Yellow Ranger! I had my Sister rewind it and I squeed. I was like "OMG! NAKIA! I HUGGED HER!" she just laughed at me. Nakia is a doll and she was tres excited to see that I was sporting a Yellow Ranger keychain (it was DT Yellow and it was handing off my beltloop so it was kinda random but awesome)

But here she is! Also Melissa and Joey is hilarious and its not just because I'm a fan of Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence.

NakiaCollapse )

Jason Smith and Chris Hemsworth

In honour of the new Thor film (which I have not seen), some photos of Jason Smith and Chris Hemsworth together. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in the new film. Jason Smith played Casey in Jungle Fury. They stared together in Home and Away as Robbie Hunter and Kim Hyde.

Three images and one video below.Collapse )

To quote celiloquy77 on Twitter: ROFL! Casey and George Kirk! Awesome. Hey, Casey, I dare you to do better. XD

Power Rangers in Supernatural

Jorgito Vargas Jr. appeared briefly in the most recent episode of Supernatural. By my count, Jorge is the fourth Power Ranger to appear in the series, so I made a short list of Power Rangers I've spotted in Supernatural with some screencaps for reference. :3

Power Rangers in SupernaturalCollapse )
I've been meaning to post these for a long time but I keep forgetting. But here are "new" headshots of Olivia (Doctor K). Personally I think it aged her down MORE than before. I liked her black hair and bob...but she's still cute and you can see how pretty her eyes are now!

ALSO! These are usually giant so some are resized for good reason!

Thank you Karen KayCollapse )

Happy Halloween. If posted before I am sorry but I come bringing caps of Chris Violette's performance in George Romero's Diary of the Dead. Though it would be appropriate for this day and all. ^^

Warning for Zombie Gore. And spoilers for the movie.

Gordo Thorsen everyone. Also image-heavyCollapse )

Jason Faunt anyone?

Now that I'm on a Time Force kick I went searching for Jason Faunt pictures and to find some for me using standard search engines was pulling up nothing. So my wonderful boyfriend (shigeki_jkp ) went digging and proceeded to find some really great images of him. I don't know if these have made their way around yet but I figured I'd share since people over at PRU who like my banner featuring one of these pictures asked where to find them!

I have to admit he's rather prettyCollapse )
Bruce Heinsius has posted more photos from the Power Rangers soundstage to Cosplay.com with this description: During the first season, doing production with the Power Ranger costumes was rare, since most of the super hero shots were from the original Japanese production. Here is one of those rare moments working with the Power Ranger costumes.

Photos under the cut! Boy do these take me back...Collapse )


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