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In 2003 Jason Smith co-hosted "Backyard Science" with Dana Kronental.

These are screencaps from this show, renamed as "Crash! Bang! Splat!", which is airing in the US on Discovery Kids.

Crash! Bang! Spirit Unleash!Collapse )

MMPR photographs

Heads up: For the last couple of days, photographer Bruce Heinsius has been uploading some of the photos he took on the set of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to his Cosplay.com account. At the moment, they are the most recent uploads in his gallery, which you can see here. They're totally awesome and a blast from the past, plus some of his descriptions on the photos give a little insight you wouldn't otherwise know. And while you're there, you may want to check out his cosplay photographs, because this guy rocks!

Some of his photographs!Collapse )

Dwayne Cameron - Recent Shots

Some promotional photos of Dwayne Cameron for "The Cult"

Hot photos hereCollapse )
I come offering various Eka caps from Spartacus. Its only a few to what I actually have. I have close to 200 caps.

Warning, Pietros is shirtless all the time and usually with his boyfriend Barca.

Shirtless Eka, ahoy!Collapse )

Rose post!

I have 3 pictures of Rose McIver from the premiers of "Lovely Bones". One is from After the Power, two I found off of facebook. She is so beautiful and stunning in each one. I saw the movie mainly because she was in it (that and the rest of the cast I adored so how could I not?). I personally liked the movie and recommend it but I digress.

3 pictures behind the cut! (and one BTS pic) Enjoy!

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No? Well, now it is!

I'm taking today to reintroduce you all to my favorite pictures of the ever-lovely Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, David Yost. I believe he's the only one of the original team who hasn't had his own picspam yet? This is an injustice that I refuse to allow to continue any longer. So here we go---ONWARD!

Best pics from the PR eraCollapse )
Post-PR headshotsCollapse )
Candid and special projectsCollapse )
And finally the entire reason I made this postCollapse )

Who wants some ShirtlessGladiator!Eka?

Below the cut are the specs of the show and some caps I took of Spartacus: Blood and Sand (the pre-aired version of episode two). His character is featured a lot, but he hasn't spoken to my knowledge but is addressed by character name. He is servant to the Gladiators. This show is clearly for the mature viewers given the amount of nudity, sex, language and violence.

Spartacus: Blood and SandCollapse )
I watched the RPM finale and decided a picspam was in order.

Obviously, there be SPOILERS ahead! This is also very image heavy!

RPM Finale Picspam of LOVE~Collapse )

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